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Updating fuse-ntfs-3g package?

I noticed that the fuse-ntfs-3g package in pkgsrc is fairly ancient--it seems to be a 2007 vintage. Is that because nobody's maintaining the package, or does ReFUSE not work with more recent versions, or a combination of both? I tried simply updating the package to pull the current version (2011.1.15), but it doesn't compile: undefined references to various FUSE functions, such as fuse_version(), fuse_get_session(), fuse_set_signal_handlers(). If I'm not mistaken, those were added in version 2.7 of the FUSE API, and it looks like ReFUSE implements 2.6 (that said, ntfs-3g #defines FUSE_USE_VERSION as 26...)

The current version of ntfs-3g does seem to work (at least in my extremely limited testing) with the filesystems/fuse package, but it does seem like it'd be nicer if it worked with librefuse. Are there any plans on updating librefuse to support a newer version of the FUSE API (assuming that is the reason ntfs-3g no longer compiles)?

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