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Re: Porting DRM/GEM from OpenBSD

> > Will this patch become part of the source tree for NetBSD > 5.99.44?

> > Could this help with my problem of getting a blank screen when I return to 
> > text console after exiting X?

> > I have ATI Rage 128 graphics card.

> > Upgrading NetBSD-current on USB stick is slow, and I don't want to take the 
> > time unless there is a good chance of improvement.

> No, it won't help.  The port only targets Intel graphics (for now).
> And it does so by disabling support for all other hardware (as said,
> it's not ready for integration in the source tree...).

> GrÃgoire

Thanks for letting me know, this advice will save me many hours of frustration.

I can see why a graphics driver that disables support for all other graphics 
hardware would not be suitable to include in the source tree.

So now it looks like I won't go any further with NetBSD-current on present 
computer, considering that I'm looking toward buying a new computer, am glad I 
tested it on a USB stick rather than burning my bridges by overwriting my 
NetBSD 5.1_STABLE installation on hard drive.

FreeBSD 8.1 and Linux seem to have no problems with my ATI Rage 128 graphics 


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