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Re: Porting DRM/GEM from OpenBSD

2011/2/8 GrÃgoire Sutre <>:
> To give this port a try, an easier alternative (imho) would be to
> install, temporarily, a native -current X server, and then extract
> the pre-built binary archive over it. ÂI seem to recall that I used
> a similar configuration at some point, i.e., a native X server and
> pkgsrc applications (X clients) linked against pkgsrc Xorg libs.
> Or maybe it was the other way around...

I followed your suggestion, built the native Xorg server, extracted
your archive over it, booted your pre-built amd64 kernel, and was
finally able to use the intel driver.  The laptop rebooted the first
time (after having started Xorg first with the vesa driver and then
restarting it with the intel one), but after the second boot all
seemed to work well.  I didn't test it a lot though, since I have just
upgraded my base system to 5.99.45 and the pre-built kernel binary is
version 5.99.44, causing various problems.

Thanks a lot for porting this; I can now finally hope to use my laptop
for presentations, while being able actually to see what I am
presenting on my laptop screen. :-)

Re-iterating the previous poster's question, is this port (along with
the relevant Xorg updates) going to be integrated into -current any
time soon?  It would be fantastic if it were!


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