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Re: Installation of NetBSD 5.99.44 and resulting problems

> Were you able to try vbetool or xset?  Also trying some of the other
> tips in the bug report like using different color modes (16bpp) or the
> patch in there?

I haven't been to NetBSD since sending that last message, but intend to try 
vbetool for both 5.99.44 and 5.1_STABLE.

I ran "man xset" in Linux, and that doesn't look like it would have any effect 
on what kind of screen I'd get after exiting or switching from X to text-mode 
console.  I think xset is part of the base Xorg included with NetBSD 5.1 and 
5.99.x .

How and when would I use vbetool, would it be before or after going into X?  Is 
there any way I can have a script that starts X, such as startx, execute a 
command at the text-mode console after leaving X, or do something in X that has 
that same effect?

I plan to bootstrap pkgsrc for NetBSD 5.99.44 on USB stick using pkgsrc on 
hard-drive NetBSD 5.1_STABLE installation, will use 


in /etc/mk.conf .  I could then, if I want to build packages for NetBSD 4.0.1 
on another USB stick, use


Time may be running out before FreeBSD 8.2 is released, then I will want to 
upgrade that, and ports too.

Big reason for bootstrapping pkgsrc on 5.99.44 is to try vbetool.

I figure I will need the current version if I install NetBSD on the new 
computer I plan to get, may get hard drive > 2 TB and need gpt.  CPU 
architecture would be amd64 or x86-64.


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