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Re: USB micro SD card readers HBA error on current (Silicon Motion)

On 2 February 2011 16:48, fire crow <> wrote:
> I have a built in sd card reader that works, but my mother board
> identifies it as if it was Âa second hard drive.
> I did something like the shell command below this to see which of the
> sd0a, sd0b, etc works, I think it was sd0d that worked not sure
> I think it was sd0d when it was formated for fat32, now that I
> installed netbsd to it it has normal ffs on sd0a so mounting is easy.
> for card in $(ls | grep sd0); do echo ">>> $card >>>"; mount -t msdos
> $card /mnt; ls /mnt; umount /mnt; done
> kind of heavy, but it will give you good info. also try cd9660 as a
> mount type fat32 is msdos but some usb images are formatted like a
> cd-rom.
> or maybe that was only the case when I had dd'd over an install iso to
> the thumb drive, can't remember.

Thanks, but in this case the sdN devices are not being attached for
the Silicon Motion
card readers, so its not at the point where I can check them for
disklabels... :/

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