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Re: M2 Scheduler

I'm pretty sure it's in 5.x, you just have to add to your config:

no options      SCHED_4BSD
options         SCHED_M2


On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 4:54 PM, rudolf <> wrote:
> Mindaugas Rasiukevicius wrote:
>> Dustin Marquess<>  wrote:
>>> I'm curious on the status of the M2 scheduler (SCHED_M2) in -current.
>>> Is there any reason not to use it, any known gotchas?
>> 5.0 and later are already using, for a long time by now, the essence of
>> what was originally SCHED_M2, which is a dispatcher, more specifically,
>> per-CPU run-queues and balancing (SMP scalability is in these).  Hence,
>> SCHED_M2 option these days is merely a simplistic SVR4-style scheduling
>> algorithm for time quantum and priority calculations.
>> I kept it mainly for experimental purposes, but for some workloads it
>> might have better behaviour, e.g. higher interactivity.  Also, as Lars
>> noted, priority recalculation is O(1) for M2.  So, test and see which
>> suits your workload better.
> Hi,
> csf(9) manual page in netbsd-5 is saying "Currently, the only scheduler
> available is sched_4bsd(9), the traditional 4.4BSD thread scheduler.", but
> the doc/CHANGES is announcing "kernel: A new SCHED_M2 scheduler [...]". I
> wonder if it is possible to try the m2 scheduler in netbsd-5. The options(4)
> don't include any information about it, manual page sched_m2(9) seems to be
> present only in -current branch.
> r.

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