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Re: amd64 build broken due to compat gcc_pic

On 01/27/11 14:05, Julio Merino wrote:

I have been unable to build amd64 for a few days already and the problem
has not gone away even after cleaning obj/tools/destdir.

Log below.  Any ideas?


src/compat/amd64/i386&  nbmake-amd64 dependall
... several directories ...
dependall ===>  ../../../lib/libarch
       build  libarch/
 skipping incompatible 
/home/jmmv/os/netbsd/destdir.amd64/usr/lib/i386/libgcc_pic.a when searching for 

I still can't build amd64 on any of two machines I have... and this doesn't seem to be a problem of my setup. By looking at the releng builds, I can't find any recent successful amd64 release.

And, for example, this error log shows the same issue:

Any ideas?

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