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Re: jabberd2 problem dlopen()

>> When using sqlite3 as a storage for jabberd2, I cannot start 'sm'. The error 
>> message says:
>> [error] failed loading storage module 'sqlite' (Cannot dlopen non-loadable 
>> /usr/lib/
>> Indeed, /usr/pkg/lib/jabberd/ is linked against 
>> /usr/lib/
>> I guess the problem is not related to jabberd2 nor sqlite3, but rather our 
>> implementation of dlopen().
>> Because I have no idea how to fix this, I am asking you for help.
>> Help! :)
> sqlite3 shouldn't be linked against libpthread on NetBSD -- just make
> sure that it is using the libc stubs. libpthread can't be dlopen'd
> safely without playing havoc with libc.
> Joerg

Why not? configure is looking for pthread_create().

I made jabberd force-linked aganist pthread. Looks dirty, but works.
I wonder where the problem came from. jabberd worked before.


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