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Re: mesa-drm

In Message <>,
   "Jonathan A. Kollasch" <>wrote:

=>On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 10:08:56AM -0500, Gary Duzan wrote:
=>>    It appears that my 880G ATI video is not supported by the mesa-drm
=>> in the tree, but the mesa-drm code has been significantly restructured
=>> since we imported it. (We have a May 2009 version from git; it was
=>> restructured in November 2009.) Has anyone looked into what it
=>> would take to upgrade? If it isn't too hairy I might give it a shot
=>> myself.
=>Probably doesn't matter, radeondrm(4) only does enough to support Xv
=>on HD4k at this point.  Not to mention not supporting HD5k and HD6k
=>at all.

    Well, the 880G includes the HD 4250, so it would be relevant,
and I'm building a desktop (to replace my recently departed MSI
780G), so video support would be Nice To Have. Perhaps a tweak like
was recently done to support the 4200 mobility would be sufficient.

                                        Gary Duzan

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