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Re: Proposal: TEST kernel config files

Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> What I propose is a compromise:  let's create a kernel configuration 
> file for each arch which is intended for testing, but NOT have it be 
> part of the default build.  If the file is there already, and named 
> consistently, it's a simple matter to make sure it's built when needed 
> as part of the standard release build mechanism.  The releng autobuild 
> cluster could be configured to build the kernel for those platforms with 
> regular testing occurring, and make it available in the snapshots;  but 
> not built for releases.

That's all fine, but it's not quite sufficient for me to be able to
easily use this kernel in the automated tests I run: I would also need
a way to choose and install the test kernel using sysinst.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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