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Re: raidframe in netbsd-5?

On Jan 13, 2011, at 09:11 , Greg Troxel wrote:
> Sorry if I haven't been paying enough attention, but:
> A while ago I saw mail that there was some bug in netbsd-5 that caused
> raidframe autoconfig to fail, rendering systems with root on raid0a on a
> RAID-1 set (for example) to fail, but I didn't really follow what was
> going on.
> Was this true, is it fixed, and when?

  I only vaguely remember that point, but I can report that I'm running a 
netbsd-5 build from November 10 (which calls itself 5.1, but I believe may not 
actually be the 100% same bits as the netbsd-5-1-RELEASE bits, but surely very 
close) that does *not* show this problem.  It's a sparc64 machine with root 
(and swap) on a RAID-1 set, autoconfig, and it boots and runs just fine.

  I'm afraid I can't report on anything newer than that, however, as this is 
the only raidframe machine I have.

             - Chris

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