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Re: 5.99.42/i386 crash (backtrace + core available)

David Holland <> wrote:
> It looks like what happened is that ffs went to get a fresh vnode and
> got a not-recently-used nullfs vnode. However, the nullfs vnode turned
> out to be the nullfs vnode sitting on top of the ffs vnode it was
> already working with. Since these share locks now, the vnode was
> locked even though not recently used (and on the list to be cleaned
> and all that), and in fact it turned out to be the same ffs vnode this
> process was already working on, so trying to lock it for cleaning blew
> up.
> So this seems like fallout from Juergen's layer locking cleanup from a
> few months ago. Not sure what the proper solution is, though.

Are you sufficiently confident this is the culprit, or would you like me
to try a kernel before and after the corresponding changes?


Dennis den Brok

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