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Re: 5.99.42/i386 crash (backtrace + core available)

David Holland <> wrote:
> There wasn't anything wrong with the trace posted earlier in this
> thread (as far as I could tell, anyway...)
> I would think that ddb crashing trying to examine things would be a
> separate problem. But maybe not.

I (thought I) had to update the kernel and userland because they
did not match before and I suspected crash(8) not to work properly
because of this. Well, it still doesn't output anything when I
enter 'show files' or most other commands. I don't know whether
it's supposed to.

Now, in ddb, it's the other way 'round: I can examine objects, but
I don't get a backtrace and thus can't tell what arguments the
functions called last have been called with (at least not com-
fortably enough for me to feel like doing so thus far)...

(I also haven't figured out yet what the actual arguments are --
what do all these additional ones in bt's output mean?)

I'll post the exact output of 'bt' when it fails later, in case
someone feels like debugging this particular problem.


Dennis den Brok

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