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Re: Possible to disable tcpwrappers paranoid warning message?

On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 11:13:48PM -0500, Chris Ross wrote:
 > Jan 5 23:04:45 hostname inetd[25004]: warning: can't verify
 > hostname: getaddrinfo(, 2)
 > failed
 >   Now, because the default in NetBSD is to allow such, it works.
 > But, is there any way I can configure inetd, tcpwrappers, or ftpd
 > so that I don't get this error message many times a day?  Can I
 > override the "check the hostname via DNS" for specific addresses?

Turning off inetd's -l option should suppress it; however, as this may
also suppress other more interesting messages you might want to patch
the specific warning out of inetd instead.

David A. Holland

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