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Re: CVS blocked or delayed from some IP ranges?

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:42:34 +0800
Dennis Ferguson <> wrote:

> > It isn't just a pmtu blackhole ??
> That typically wouldn't block the connection.  The more usual
> symptom when that happens is that the connection (i.e. the small
> packet exchange at the start) succeeds but it subsequently hangs
> when the first big data-bearing packet is sent.  I haven't
> seen one of those happen for quite a while.

We can exclude any problems caused by bad software or hardware
configuration on the end points of the connection. On the
side a problem would affect everybody. And on my side I have two
identical configurations with a NetBSD client system and NetBSD router
in two different locations, but just using a different provider.

So my guess still is that is filtering IP addresses
for some ports. Maybe I should write admins@ now.

Frank Wille

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