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Re: Radeon HD 3450 X problem

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010, Mark Davies wrote:
> > mc fb loc is 00df00d0
> >
> > any suggestions?
> Further to this: same thing happens whether I have drm enabled or
> not in the kernel.  Same thing happens putting the card in an
> Optiplex 760 and same thing happens with a Radeon HD 4550.

It also happens with an RV380 based card that I know works fine under 
In all cases the machine hangs when RADEONScreenInit() calls

    /* Clear the framebuffer */
    memset(info->FB + pScrn->fbOffset, 0,
           pScrn->virtualY * pScrn->displayWidth * 

(line 3865 of xf86-video-ati/dist/src/radeon_driver.c)
so presumably one or more of these values is being set incorrectly in 
a way that they weren't in 5.1


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