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Re: Radeon HD 3450 X problem

On Fri, 03 Dec 2010, Mark Davies wrote:
> Trying to get X running on a Radeon HD 3450 card on a -current/i386
> from yesterday. 

> Whole machine hangs after
> Disable CRTC memreq 0 success
> Disable CRTC 0 success
> Blank CRTC 1 success
> Disable CRTC memreq 1 success
> Disable CRTC 1 success
> mc fb loc is 00df00d0

> any suggestions?

Further to this: same thing happens whether I have drm enabled or not 
in the kernel.  Same thing happens putting the card in an Optiplex 
760 and same thing happens with a Radeon HD 4550.


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