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Re: firefox slowness -- X server problem?

2010/8/17 Jeremy C. Reed <>:
> Often my firefox becomes unbearably slow too. And when this happens
> changing to xterms and other X clients are slow too.  My usually
> solution is to close firefox tabs until it works or close (maybe kill)
> and restart firefox.
> It usually has nothing to do with total number of tabs, but something to
> do with the content or scripting within a single webpage.
>> Also, ALT-Tab between two open xterms takes noticable time (up to two
>> seconds). That's the reason I suspect it might be a X server problem.
> Does this slow down happen even if firefox is not running?
> By the way, the buildlinking step in buildling some dependency-heavy
> pkgsrc build also makes my X temporarily unusable.

I've read something regarding a select() change on current@. When this was
introduced first time, my firefox or xchat was unbearably slow, even switching
between tabs of my gnome-terminal takes up to two seconds.
When the codes was taken out for analysis, it was fast again, came back,
slow again. I currently play around with Xen, and subjective feeling,
running a Xen system is slightly faster than native (except compiling sources).
Probably it's a hallucination (because the pausing when switching context
is extremely nerving), but I hadn't time to take a deeper look.

I have a NVidia Mobility 570M FX using the nv driver (which is slow on it's
own), but it seems not to be driver related or X11-related.

Best regards,

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