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Re: error from ntpd upon IPv6 address receipt/bind

    Date:        Tue, 25 May 2010 21:02:27 +0900
    From:        Motoyuki OHMORI <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | B) It would be okay if all daemon including routing daemons do not need
  |    tentative addresses.

Unless that routing message is used by some system process for some
very peculiar message, that would be my preference as the solution, a
tentative address doesn't really exist, it is just in the process of being

Certainly no "normal" routing process is going to want to know about it,
as in he (rare) case that DAD fails, anything that noticed the address and
started using it while tentative is going to have to either just stop,
or stop, then start again when a different address is assigned - either way
is very poor behaviour for a routing daemon, they don't want to start
announcing that an address exists, only to revoke that a second or two later.

Is anyone aware of anything that actually wants to know about tentative
addresses (outside the kernel - they're needed in there to properly
handle DAD in case two systems are both trying to assign the same address
at the same time.)


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