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Re: error from ntpd upon IPv6 address receipt/bind

On May 12, 2010, at 3:28 PM, Chris Ross wrote:
>> Does restarting ntpd after you have an address work?

  And, additionally, I tried manually specifying an address with ifconfig, as 
an alias, with the ntpd I'd restarted.  Looking at fstat immediately after I 
don't see the new socket bound, but another few seconds later I do see that the 
new socket has been created, and there was no error messages about it emitted 
on the console (which is also the tty from which I restarted ntpd)

  So, it seems to be unique to IPv6 route advertisements and acceptance of 
such.  At least, on "quick" glance.

  How does ntpd get notified of new addresses on the interface?  Does that path 
act differently within the kernel when a router advertisement is received, vs 
when an address/alias is directly added from userland?

                   - Chris

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