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Re: Boot failure on port-amd64 5.99.29

On Sun, 2 May 2010, Paul Goyette wrote:

Just tried booting up one of my systems on a -current kernel built from sources only a couple hours old, and got a crash during boot. I don't have the actual rash message (because the kernel is built with

        DDB_COMMANDONENTER="call ddb_vgapost; bt"

but the back-trace looks like this:

bus_space_map + x20
itesio_isa_attach + x192
config_attach_loc + x16e
isa_search + x18b
mapply + x23
config_search_loc + x105

If I boot -c and disable itesio* then it goes to completion, so I'd guess that there's something wrong with itesio_isa_attach().

I can take a look at it later on, but in the meantime if anyone wants to dig into it, please feel free.

and Jonathan A. Kollasch replied:

Two bus_space_tag_ts are in the softc, one of them is never initialized.

Yes, that is definitely the problem. The failure occurs on the first reference to sc->sc_ec_iot which has not been initialized.

Is it safe to assume that the ec's bus_space_tag_t can share the "main" one?

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