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Re: sysinst split project - The Configuration File

On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 12:18:23 -0200
Silas Silva <> wrote:

> I posted it here:
> Please, take a look and make suggestions.

I would put the "disklabel" (and "partitions") inside a "disks" or
"devices" entry. I think that will make it easier to implement your 2nd
TODO item (install on more then 1 disk) as well as other interesting
features in the future like installing on raidframe sets, CGDs, etc.

For example something like this:

devices {
        disk1 {
                disklabel {
                        a {
                                FStype: FFSv2
                                mount point: /
                        b {
                                FStype: swap
                                start: a
                        e {
                                FStype: raid_component
                                RAIDset: raid_db
        disk2 {
        raid_db {
                level: 1
                auto_config: yes

I don't know how you'll parse the configuration file or how its
contents will be internally represented; it may be possible to drop the
outer "devices" from this.

For the root password, you could handle the value as already encrypted,
like useradd does.

kind regards

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