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Re: Stack Smash Protection disabled (was HEADS-UP: Stack Smash Protection enabled by default for amd64 and i386)

I am reading through my mail and seeing all of this.

I am a user. I have hobby. I love C and sun sparc machines. I live in a group home. I play with netbsd.

Both of these ranging ideas are correct in my opinion, though I don't like to agree with a performance loss for some what seems pseudo and backward code (though alot of the kernel code may be also, i'm not too familiar with it). One can say that the people disagreeing with the idea could simply , remove the patches, which is most likely what I would do. At this point i'm not too interested in someone remotely exploting apache in a netbsd machine running on sparc v9. This is security by obscurity and it won't hold true forever. I realise these services are added all the time, but most this code is audited, not that it does not leave room for holes (as in telnet and linux have recently shown, 10-20 year old holes in default software). I will probably be hated for saying this. But netbsd seems to be a hobiest os, why i don't know, there is linux, and there is now opensolaris. can netbsd compete? does it want to? does it need to do these sorts of things? Well personally and i could be wrong, neither solaris NOR linux do do this.. linux has address space layout randomization by default and can have a bunch of wacky stuff with PAX/Grsecurity/SSP and the sort. Why is netbsd so trying to do this to themselves.

i'm loosing my concentration here, i feel i've missed what i ment to say but i'm going to press send and hope i get an idea accross, before i ruin it by typing more.


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