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Re: PF related panic

On Thu, 12 Nov 2009, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

I also commented out lkm=YES in /etc/rc.conf before reboot. Using PF as a
module and I can reproduce a crash in 1 second, not using module and I haven't
had any problems so far.

That reminded me ...

Subject: system lock up with pf.o module on amd64

I'm not sure about the LKM builds on amd64, but certainly on 5.0 and later, the kernel modules were not getting built with the -mno-red-zone option, and modules had the potential of having interrupts clobber stack data that the compiler presumed was safe. I wouldn't be suprised if lkms
may have the same problem on amd64.

Michael L. Hitch              
Computer Consultant
Information Technology Center
Montana State University        Bozeman, MT     USA

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