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PF related panic


One of my NetBSD/amd64 5.0_STABLE hosts (running inside VMware ESXi) is crashing if I copy a large file to it, i.e. I have heavy network traffic

# ls -lh amd64-netbsd-5.iso
-r--r--r--  1 root  wheel  551M Nov 11 05:56 amd64-netbsd-5.iso
# scp amd64-netbsd-5.iso host:

(See for a screenshot)

This must be some kind of a punishment triggered by my today's commit to src/doc/3RDPARTY :-)

I tried the scp over IPv4 and IPV6 and it always crashes. Now, if I disable PF, the host is stable. The PF rules are very simple, just antispoofing so I could just run this host without any firewall as my upstream firewall already does the filtering. But I that'd not the point here...

Is anyone else having problems with PF on NetBSD 5.0 or current?

PS. When is NetBSD/amd64 going to have a working crash dump system? I can't get any dump from the crash in /var/crash.


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