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Ricoh chips and RBUS_MIN_START


I recently installed NetBSD current on ThinkPad x60s. Everything is working
just beautifully except

# cat /var/run/dmesg.boot | grep map                    
cbb0: can't map socket base address 0xe4300000
cbb0: can't map socket base address 0x5: io mode
fwohci0: can't map OHCI register space
sdhc0: couldn't map register

The chipset is

# pcictl pci5 list 
021:00:0: Ricoh 5C476 PCI-CardBus Bridge (CardBus bridge, revision 0xb4)
021:00:1: Ricoh 5C552 PCI-CardBus Bridge/Firewire (Firewire serial bus,
interface 0x10, revision 0x09)
021:00:2: Ricoh 5C822 PCI-CardBus Bridge/MS/SD/MMC/SC (SD Host Controller
system, revision 0x18)

It could be that the laptop is fully supported when equipped with stock
hardware, but this one has

# cat /var/run/dmesg.boot | grep "total memory"         
total memory = 2550 MB

When reading cbb(4) I came to the conclusion that adjusting RBUS_MIN_START
could solve the problem. But I am a little uncomfortable doing this when
quite frankly I know hardly anything about the RBUS abstraction. Any ideas
about possible values or other clues?

Finally note that PCMCIA cards seem to work fine, but SD/MMC is nonadaptive.



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