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interface order (xen re0 versus rtk0) and kernel modules

Running amd64 5.99.18 under Xen. I was getting many "re0: watchdog 
timeout" and my networking was too slow. So I boot -c and disable re0. 
Now rtk0 is used and it appears to work well.

How can I get this to be the default without recompiling?

Can sborrill's userconf confscript patch be committed? (I have used it 
for several boots to configure userconf automatically.) Then I could 
"disabled re0" automatically.

Since this is a modular system, any way to order or tell modules to use 
rtk0 and not re0? (Even though I don't see any modules named "re" or 

And where is the documentation on how to tell what modules to boot up 
with? Any configuration or is it just moving modules to/from 
/stand/amd64/5.99.18/modules/ ?

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