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Re: SMSC LAN9118 Family driver

> > I.e. is the EEPROM backend dependent or each evaluation board dependent?
> No, isn't. Maybe it evalusion board dependent.
> > If some on-board ISA-based smsh(4) doesn't have EEPROM
> > but other smsh(4) on the ISA slot might have EEPROM,
> > it should be handled by proplib, like wm(4) on iyonix.
> I think that the case is very rare.  I think that I can remove EEPROM.
> For instance, re(4) and tlp(4), etc.  Should we use proplib in
> if_ethersubr.c::ether_ifattach() if it worries about such a case?

On-board wm(4) on iyonix doesn't have EEPROM and it uses proplib.
On-board ahc(4) on O2 doesn't have EEPROM and it uses proplib.
What will you do if some board has EEPROM and another doesn't
in the same backend?

Of course we can handle it with proplib in backends, but
I can't comment about it because there is no backend source
in your diff.
Izumi Tsutsui

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