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Re: [5.0] USB device ignored on boot

On 7/20/09, Andreas Wrede <> wrote:
> On 20-Jul-09, at 12:15 , Luazi wrote:
>> I think there is a race condition in the stack. I believe ehci should
>> initialize before ohci but it does not (on my machine). The comment in
>> the source suggests the author was aware of this but delayed both ehci
>> and ohci instead of just ohci.
>> " ...
>>      /*
>>       * In case this controller is a companion controller to an
>>       * EHCI controller we need to wait until the EHCI controller
>>       * has grabbed the port.  ....
>> "
>> I have included my hack that seems to work for me on 5.0.
> The hack works for me too, thank you!
Don't mention it.
> Maybe this can go into the source tree for now?
Feel free to get it committed if you so wish. I will never get around to it.

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