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Re: Apache subversion coredump on large merge (SSLSessionCache)

David Brownlee <> writes:

>           svn: GET of '...': SSL negotiation failed: Secure connection 
> truncated (https://...)
>           svn: Error reading spooled REPORT request response
>       This was tested under apache-2.2.10 and apache-2.2.11nb5
>       with subversion-base-1.6.2 and ap22-subversion-1.6.2nb1 on
>       a NetBSD i386 5.0 system.
>       The "problem" turned out to be an SSLSessionCache directive
>       in the apache config. Removing that avoids the issue. Tested
>       with shm: and dbm: values to SSLSessionCache.

I had a similar issue, also on NetBSD i386 5.0 with 8 CPUs.  I removed
the (default) SSLSessionCache directive as you suggested and the problem
went away.

I wonder if there are locking bugs in SSLSessionCache, but my errors
were repeatable and happened in the same place every single time.  The
web server is busy, but I think in many cases was doing nothing else.

I wonder if the SSLSessionCache persists across apache restarts and
became corrupted.

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