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Re: 5.99.15 envstat oddness

i thought this was fixed (by me) just a couple days ago.  How current
are your sources?

If it is still a problem, I will investigate as soon as I get back from holiday. (I'm currently trying to relax pool-side in Russian River!)

On Mon, 13 Jul 2009, Malcolm Herbert wrote:

Same Asus Eee 1000H as mentioned previously - somehow I hope the
critical temperature for my CPU isn't absolute zero:

|mawrth[~] 5v>: envstat
|                       Current  CritMax  CritMin  CritCap     Unit
|       temperature:     49.000 -273.146                       degC
|  cpu0 temperature:     29.000                                degC

How would I go about fixing this?  I'm not fussed about the immediate
overtemp alarm that I receive at boot, it's just that it may mask a
real overtemp alarm later ...


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