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Re: pxeboot & nfs

How does pxebooting (on i386) in the new modular world work?

I just tried the following all in -current:
- build kernel with options NFS and MODULAR
- setup dhcpd to send out pxeboot_ia32.bin and point at nfs root with said
  kernel in it.
- all OK
- comment out options NFS and replace kernel (it is now like a GENERIC kernel)
- on boot you see "Loading nfs", before the nfs:netbsd kernel is booted,
  but can't find its root partition.

So, try at the pxeboot prompt

modules enabled
load nfs:stand/i386/5.99.15/modules/nfs/nfs.kmod

Now see
Loading nfs:stand/i386/5.99.15/modules/nfs/nfs.kmod
Loading nfs
then kernel messages

Same thing - cannot mount root, no filesystem form wm0

So, how is this meant to work? (Also tried nfs.kmod via tftp - same thing)



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