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Re: editline doesn't allow ^C binding

In article <>,
Dan Towner  <> wrote:
>Christos Zoulas <christos <at>> writes:
>> EL_SIGNAL does not do what you think it does. It merely handles resetting
>> the state of the terminal to normal before passing control of the signal to
>> the regular handler.
>> You need to issue a setty command to unset Control-C from being the interrupt
>> character, otherwise the tty driver grabs it before libedit gets a chance to
>> see it:
>>      setty -d intr=^@
>Thanks for that. One thing still confuses me though. If I do this on
>the command line for the examples/test program, then everything works. If I 
>el_set (el, EL_SETTY, "-d", "intr=^@", NULL);
>immediately after the EL_SIGNAL command then this doesn't work? Even more
>curiously, in my application if I call el_set as above it doesn't work until I
>have entered at least one carriage return, and then it does start working from
>that point on. This suggests that the command I am calling in C is doing the
>right thing, but somehow I must refresh the editline object to get the updated
>tty. My application somehow does that after a carriage return has been
>processed, but examples/test never does?

That seems like a bug. I will take a look at it later.


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