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editline doesn't allow ^C binding

Hi all,

I am using editline in my application, compiled to run on Centos 5 using the
distribution provided by Jess Thrysoee at and distributed as version
3.0. I want to be able to gracefully catch SIGINT, and start the command-line
edit again, but I can't get ^C to do anything other than terminate the program.
To try to determine the cause of the problem, I took a look at the
examples/test.c program, but it appears that that doesn't gracefully handle ^C
either. I notice that the program itself sets EL_SIGNAL to be true, and the
documentation and surrounding comments seems to suggest that this will then
enable ^C to be bound to something other than ed-tty-sigint, but if I try to
change the binding (e.g., to ed-start-over), ^C still terminates the program.
After I change the binding, listing the current bindings correctly shows that ^C
has been bound to whatever I requested, but the action doesn't actually happen.
Does editline only work under NetBSD, or am I doing something wrong in
configuring editline?



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