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Re: uftdi(4) extended for dual channel and quad channel FTDI models

An addtional note to my own post;

2232 is now very popular model in USB JTAG market.  It's my plan
to extend uftdi(4) to drive the rich set of FTDI serial bit stream features.

In theory, uftdi(4) driver can cope with "exotic VID/PID"  devices as long as
uftdi(4) device driver source code is updated for each of them.  The practice
would be painful at best.  Exotic VID/PID pair is somehow pointless since
standard FTDI device driver (Windows/Linux/...) API should be good enough
to handle them flawlessly, and identifying product strings would be sufficient
to distingush them from others.

So, I would suggest "exotic VID/PID" device owners to replace VID/PID
with a standard FTDI value.  FTDI  WWW site publishes "M-Prog" Windows
utility which is capable to (re-) program EEPROM storage.
For example, exotic devices;
- Olimex OpenOCD JTAG (15ba:0003) - SheevaPlug (9e88:9e8f)

should be just OK with standard FTDI (0403:6001).

I'm trying to figure out the concreate/zero-error way in vain so far.  FTDI
Application Note has reference and explaination to do that for non standard
VID/PID products.  I would post my conclusion in future.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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