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CVS' activity bulletin - Issue 001

Hi all,

Please find hereafter the second issue of the weekly CVS activity news bulletin.

This second bulletin is dedicated to "Gaston" as a reference to the
beautiful "gaffe"[0] I made earlier this week[1]. Unfortunately, there
will be no detailed description of netpgp(1), even if its development
has been active this week [thanks to Alistair].

Less talk, more action... let's see what happened this week:

 -= Bug fix =-
 * Fix a bug in the IOAPIC preventing some config to suspend. [Andrew
Doran, originally from Matthias Drochner]
 * Fix a crash recently introduced in the bridge's ioctl code. [Christoph Egger]
 * Fix UDF creation of big endian machine. [Reinoud Zandijk]
 * Fix SDHC support - successful report of SDHC card reported on
tech-kern@. [Nonaka Kimihiro]
 * Support mounting post-time_t rump file systems on a pre-time_t
host. [Antti Kantee]
 * Use OpenFirmware calls properly to handle more than 4GB of memory
and 64-bit physical address. [Takeshi Nakayama, idea from OpenBSD]
 * PR#41401 - Go through the hypervisor to update the GDT, directly
writing it would cause a kernel trap. [Manuel Bouyer]
 * PR#36733 - Pretend empty "name" property if missing, make "ofctl"
works on shark. [Matthew Green]

 -= Version Bump =-
 * Kernel 5.99.12 - following `struct lwp' changes for timecounter
detachment. [Andrew Doran]
 * netpgp 1.99.1 -> 1.99.3 [Alistair G. Crooks]

 -= Clean-up =-
 * device_t/softc split. [Izumi Tsutsui]
 * Huge clean-up in trek(6). [David A. Holland]

 -= Developpement =-
 * Import the "Radix Priority Search Tree" into libc. [Yamamoto Takashi]
 * Improve description access and file allocation cost. [Andrew Doran]
 * Improve file descriptor subsystem - lead to significant speed-up in
poll(2) micro-test. [Andrew Doran]

 -= Hardware Support =-
 * Support multi-channel FTDI chip, tested on 232BM, 232RL and 2232D.
[Tohru Nishimura]

 -= Import =-
 * pkg_install-20090513 [Joerg Sonnenberger]
 * NetBSD usr.bin/ftp from 20090520 [Luke Mewburn]
 * bozohttpd 20090522 [Matthew Green]

 -= Security =-
 * Fix CVE-2009-1252: Buffer overflow in ntpd crypto code. [Christos Zoulas]

Have a good week and happy coding !

 - Arnaud

[0]: french speaking people amateur of comics books will make the link
between "Gaston" and "la gaffe".
[1]: subscribers of source-changes@ will understand :)

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