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Re: Tracking -current + modules

On 5/17/09, Stathis Kamperis <> wrote:
> Greetings all.
>  Could anyone please provide a working command set to update a netbsd
>  5.0 system to -current ?
>  I have always been following these directions:
>  but they don't seem to apply any more. Booting into -current kernel
>  gives error regarding missing filesystem. I guess this is due to fs
>  related modules not being where they should be.
>  So, my main concern is how to build and install the modules. I saw
>  some recent threads regarding this topic
>  (eg, integration with, but I could settle with "manual"
>  commands as well.
>  Sorry if this is a too frequently recurring issue.

Just go ahead and distribution and kernel=GENERIC
from current and you should get the more recent /boot and /stand that
you need.  I think a install=/ installs /stand for you, but I
think you might have to manually use installboot to get /boot
upgraded.  I believe this has always been the case but there was
rarely a compelling reason to upgrade /boot.  :)

Good luck,

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