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Re: Upgrading userland => kernel with same module API version does not boot

Elad Efrat wrote:
The problem you're seeing I fixed after applying Andrew's advice in
(copy the newly built boot from wherever it is to /).
Unfortunately not. My /boot was from 2008/12/12 and my previous
working setup already was a (modular) kernel and a userland from 2009/05/04.

Nonetheless I installed the current /usr/mdec/boot to / to see if it
make a difference, but no. Adding "load ffs" to boot.cfg also does
not make a difference.
Other than that, I find it... annoying having to build userland when
all I want to test are changes to the kernel.
Yes. And I think, a userland install should not overwrite the kernel
modules as they belong to the kernel.

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