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Re: Upgrading userland => kernel with same module API version does not boot

Joachim König wrote:

I made a build yesterday and as the kernel module API version
did not change (5.99.11) I only installed userland without
building and installing a new kernel. Installing userland also
installed (overwrote) the kernel modules in /stand.

After booting, the kernel could not mount root, it does not
seem to have/find the ffs module but does not explain why.
Booting with "-a" it only offers "generic" for the root fs type.

Rebuilding my kernel and booting that, the system boots as before.
My old kernel was from  2009-05-04, e.g. beginning of mai,
and UPDATING has no remarks after that date.

Is this behaviour expected? Do I have to install a new kernel
every time I want to install an updated userland even if the
kernel module API did not change?

Don't take this as an authoritative reply, but:

I recently decided to refresh my environment, and found out a lot
of stuff had changed (I used to be able to build a new kernel, copy
it to /, and boot it).

The problem you're seeing I fixed after applying Andrew's advice in
(copy the newly built boot from wherever it is to /).

Other than that, I find it... annoying having to build userland when
all I want to test are changes to the kernel. I'm not sure if it's me
who doesn't know how to make build just the modules or a
shortcoming of, but I couldn't find a way to do that, at least
as easy/fast as I used to.


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