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More on "device busy" using NFS automounted filesystems

I've managed to elicit the "device busy" error while using NFS
filesystems automounted with amd on i386 and macppc clients running
-current.  So, the problem is still there, but it doesn't occur as
readily or as frequently as with netbsd-5 clients.

The macppc client has problems updating with cvs, hanging indefinitely
while claiming to be "refetching unpatchable files".  While building,
the macppc client tends to fail always with:

  nbmtree: existing entry for `', type `file' does not match 
type `link'
  nbmtree: failed at line 43308 of the specification
  *** [/amd/server/path/to/src/../DEST/macppc/METALOG.sanitised] Error code 1

removing the target directories and starting over from scratch does not
alter the behavior.

The i386 client does not seem to have such problems, but will eventually
incur the "device busy" error.

John D. Baker, KN5UKS                    NetBSD     Darwin/MacOS X
jdbaker[snail]mylinuxisp[flyspeck]com         OpenBSD            FreeBSD
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