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Re: "device busy" reading file from NFS

On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, John D. Baker wrote:

In other communication, this problem seems known as PR bin/41259.

I've been conducting some tests and clients running -current with amd(8)
automounted high-traffic filesystems DO NOT exhibit this problem.  There
are the occasional "nfs server 'foo' not responding"/"nfs server 'foo'
is alive again" messages, but never a "device busy" message.

So, whatever broke in -5.0 seems fixed (or maybe masked by something
else?) in -current.

Well, maybe I can add (or subtract) another datapoint...

I've had a couple of mysterious nfs "incidents" lately, running on -current from 5.99.8 thru 5.99.11 inclusive. Symptoms appear more or less at random. The only thing I've seen that's common is some weird .nfs* file showing up in a client's view of a directory. Neither the client nor the server can umount the file system unless using -f. And even if the client does umount -f, the server still cannot umount it, even if ALL clients hav umounted it.

This has shown up a couple times on the nfs volume I use as my "build" volume (multiple */{src,obj,dest,rel} plus an rsync'd cvsroot), and it has caused more than a few cvs updates to just hang.

Generally, rebooting the nfs server fixes things, but that's a rather "intrusive" fix. Unfortunately I haven't found a smaller hammer. :)

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