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Re: acpi does not work in my hp6515b laptop

I am sorry, I forgot cc to current-users.

I tried again, with ioapic* disabled, it is much better this time, all
usb functions could pass, the system stop at "wdc**" with the
following log again and agian:
wdccommand ixpide0:0:0: command=0x20 cylin=64 sector=1 count=1 features=0
ixpide0:0:0: lost interrupt
        type: ata tc_bcount: 512 tc_skip: 0
wdc_reset_drive ixpide0:0 for drive 0
ata_reset_channel flags 0x20000 ch_flags 0x0
wd0d: device timeout reading fsbn 1 (wd0 bn 1; cn 0 tn 0 sn 1), retrying
ata_reset_channel flags 0x20000 ch_flags 0x300
ixpide0:0:0: after reset, sc=0x1 sn=0x1 cl=0x0 ch=0x0
ixpide0:0:1: after reset, sc=0x0 sn=0x0 cl=0x0 ch=0x0
ixpide0:0: wdcwait_reset end, st0=0x50 st1=0x0
ata_exec_xfer 0xc2ac5f88 channel 0 drive 0
atastart form ata_exec_xfer, flags 0x0
atastart: xfer 0xc2ac5f88 channel 0 drive 0
wdccommandshort ixpide0:0:0 command 0x10
__wdcwait: timeout(time=11), status d0 error 1 (mask 0x40 bits 0x40)
__wdcwait: did busy-wait, time=2
wdccommand ixpide0:0:0 command=0xc6 cylin=0 head=0 sector=0 count=16, features=0
__wdcwait: did busy-wait, time=1
wdccommand ixpide0:0:0: command=0x20 cylin=64 sector=1 count=1 features=0

it looks like this is the problem of the ide controller driver, it is
a ATI SB600 IDE interface in the computer.

On 5/6/09, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> On Wed, 6 May 2009, Zhongjie Zhu wrote:
>> yes, I think this is the similar problem, I have tried with a kernel
>> built with DEBUG USB_DEBUG UHUB_DEBUG and EHCI_DEBUG enabled.
>> when boot normally, it will stop at usbd_free_xfer(),
>> when boot with ehci disabled, it will stop at usb_discover(),
>> when boot with all usb function disabled, it will stop with the log
>> __wdcwait: timeout .....
>> __wdcwait: did busy-wait, time=5
>> .....
>> atabusattach: ch_drive_flags 0x2 0x0"
>> how can dump the log?
> Sorry I am not sure. Can you please resend your message to

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