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Re: Panic in if_bnx on NetBSD5

Akira Kato <> writes:
> Sorry this is slightly off topic to NetBSD current.
> I have a Dell PowerEdge 1950-III with two NetExtremeII gigabit
> ethernet ports. NetBSD-5/i386 just released crashes deterministically.
> When NetBSD-5 booted with the first port activated, it works well.
> But activating the second port (even if no UTP cable is connected)
> by "ifconfig bnx1 up", it crashes:
Increase the value of NMBCLUSTERS in your kernel configuration
file; you may also be able to set this value by using sysctl
early in the boot process.  See kern/40462.

we all hack on a broken subroutine, a broken subroutine, a broken subroutine...
                                        -- Kenneth Stailey

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