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Re: xcvs compile problem (parse error in yacc)

In article <>,
Silas Silva  <> wrote:
>On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 10:12:57AM -0400, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> Now you probably have a stale getdate.c/getdate.o which is empty. Clean this
>> up.
>Hi Christos and others.
>Sorry for my amateurism, but I didn't understand very well. getdate.o
>was empty, but when linking xcvs, it was asking for get_date().
>get_date() is implemented in xcvs/dist/src/subr.c (besides getdate.y,
>which does not generate getdate.c), but between pre-processor rules:
>#ifdef lint
># ifndef __GNUC__
>get_date ...
># endif
>Prepend "//" before "#" made everything work. I know this is not the
>right thing to do, but, as I was not understanding the details of it, I
>prefered to make it to have -current built.
>Thank you again ;-)

This is just a stub that does nothing. The real get_date() function
is in getdate.y which gets yacc'ed into getdate.c. Since our yacc
does not support %pure_parser yet, this fails and probably generates
an empty getdate.c file.

    cd /usr/src/external/gpl2/xcvs
    cvs update
    make cleandir
    make dependall

should work


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