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Re: Problems with NSLU2/xscale kernel that go back to April, 2008

Luazi wrote:
Using cvsweb examine all changes made to ixp425 and nslu code in the
20080426-20080512 window. One example change was made on April 27 to
ixp425_intr.c from revision 1.18 to 1.19. I have included the link.

It's not clear to me that you can only limit yourself to ixp425 or nslu2 files, since there is also some reference to arm/arm files. But perhaps you know better than I.
I guess it would be easier to build April 27 and or 28 and test the images.
April 26 won't build.  Two lint issues.
April 27 builds and run.  0 errors in 144 succesive MD5 computations.
April 28 builds, but won't run unless you add the following line to std.nslu2 (before you build the kernel):
options     KERNEL_BASE_EXT=0xc0000000
The result is 3 errors in 144 successive MD5 computations.

While it is definite that there is a problem with 20080428 (and all later kernels), it is less sure that there isn't a problem with 20080427. I think Andy Ruhl was planning to build this version and test it as well.

Regards, Don

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