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Re: Problems with NSLU2/xscale kernel that go back to April, 2008

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Donald T Hayford 
<> wrote:
> There have been recent reports of certain problems with NetBSD on the NSLU2,
> both -current and older.  For example, see:
> and the associated thread for more information.  Andy and Luazi can probably
> provide additional info.

> anything approaching -current and build correctly.  The following command
> (thanks, Havard and Wim):
> cvs diff -u -D 20080426-UTC -D 20080512-UTC src/sys/arch/arm
> src/sys/arch/evbarm >diff0426-0512
> produces a large file with lots of changes between the two dates.  I have
> attached that file for those interested.
> I will try again to build kernels from 4/26/2008 through early May to see if
> I can pinpoint the problem date a little better and reduce the number of
> files to look at.
> Other than pinpointing the date, I'm not sure what is the next best course
> of action.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Using cvsweb examine all changes made to ixp425 and nslu code in the
20080426-20080512 window. One example change was made on April 27 to
ixp425_intr.c from revision 1.18 to 1.19. I have included the link.

I guess it would be easier to build April 27 and or 28 and test the images.

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