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Re: Compiling the current source code

2008/8/8 Alan Barrett <>:
> On Thu, 07 Aug 2008, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
>> > No, that was not intentional.  Are you sure that it worked before?
>> yes, absolutely
> My tests also show failing to figure out the object directory
> name, so I have simply removed the "bomb" command from the case that was
> causing trouble for you.
> It would obviously be better to have find the correct object
> directory name, but I think that will need changes to the top level
> Makefile as well as to
> Alan

-- and now my setup is working again :-)    thanks for "fixing" this
issue until a real fix is implemented

- Erik

ps: In some way I actually like that I have to create the top level
obj directory myself -- that prevents to place it in a bad
place (and potentially use a lot of diskspace), e.g. on a new machine
where I have not yet installed /etc/mk.conf.

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