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Re: Random reboots on 4.99.72

As regards 4.99.72, I've had mysterious lockups when using a tcsh shell
from the console - at login, user accounts with tcsh shells simply lock
up the entire host ... yet if I log in to the same account via X11 and
xdm I can get a tcsh shell without issues ... this pkgsrc tcsh was
compiled on a 4.0 host, which may be the underlying cause ... 

my guess is that some difference between what tcsh does when it's a
login shell (as from the console) and when run from within rxvt might be
tripping it up ... 

I have just completed a bulk pkgsrc build which includes a new tcsh, so
I'll install everything again and see how I get on ... 


Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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