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Random reboots on 4.99.72

I've just updated my systems from 4.99.67 to 4.99.72 (sources current as of about 36 hours ago) and so far I've had at least half a dozen random reboots. In all cases there are no crash dumps. (Well, that's not entirely true: once I caught it dumping to disk, but savecore didn't find anything on the reboot.)

This has happened at least four or five times on a very lightly-loaded dual-CPU amd64 box. This box does nothing except NAT and routing between the internal and external network. It has also happened just now for the second time on a fairly heavily loaded quad-CPU amd64 box, which is my NFS server and build machine.

I don't have serial console, and all boxes generally run X, so it's not very likely that I'll actually catch it in the act.

Is anyone else seeing anything strange with -current? Any hints on how to debug this?

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