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Re: Planning for NetBSD 5.0

In article <slrng9701h.u3.d.den.brok%iko.lokales.netz@localhost>,
Dennis den Brok  <> wrote:
>Out of interest:
>Alistair Crooks <> schrieb:
>> + xorg being able to be built (and cross-built) for i386/amd64
>Has this always been planned like that, i.e., only for i386/amd64, or
>have there been unforeseen problems with crossbuilding for other ports?
>> I think that maybe you're mistaking lack of public utterance about a
>> 5.0 branch as being that nothing is happening, or that no plans have
>> been made.  Believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.
>At least to me it seemed plausible that the branching has been delayed,
>because the feature freeze that was announced long ago appeared some-
>what toothless, if not abandoned, judging from the amount of newly
>added features (which I very much welcome, though).

Actually most features were planned before the freeze. The reason we
don't have a branch yet, is because there are some serious regressions
in current that need to be addressed.


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